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2003 Derby Results

Here are the results of the 2005 Pinewood Derby Races for Pack 358.

    Placing Name
Sr. Webelos        
  Race 1st Michael B.
    2nd John W.
    3rd Dylan V.
    4th Josh T.
  Appear 1st Ryan B.
    2nd Zack M.
    3rd Vinnie P.
    4th Wyat G.
Jr. Webelos        
  Race 1st Jacob D.
    2nd Bo B.
    3rd Dan T.
    4th Sam R.
  Appearance 1st Mark L.
    2nd Phillip L.
    3rd Dave R.
    4th Tyler R.
  Race 1st Jacob B.
    2nd Ben L.
    3rd Jordan D.
    4th Jon H.
  Appearance 1st Michael G.
    2nd Willie P.
    3rd Jordan H.
    4th Eli L.
  Race 1st Scott W.
    2nd Jacob H.
    3rd Zeke B.
    4th Paul S.
  Appearance 1st Ryan B.
    2nd Dan R.
    3rd Jacob B.
    4th Martin S.
  Race 1st Christian S.
    2nd Jacob S.
    3rd Jacob K.
    4th Bryan B.
  Appearance 1st Parker N.
    2nd Nick J.
    3rd Max M.
    4th Dakotah C.
Race of Champs        
  Race 1st Christian S.
    2nd Jacob D.
    3rd John W.
    4th -
Open Youth      
  Race 1st Lauren T.
    2nd Jason H.
    3rd Sam H.
    4th Zack R.
  Appearance 1st Ashley S.
    2nd Naila B.
    3rd Anna R.
    4th Natasha R.
Open Adult        
  Race 1st Jason H.
    2nd Sara R.
    3rd Jim T.
    4th Sheldon R.
  Appearance 1st Jeff B.
    2nd Mark L.
    3rd Jim B.
    4th Al P.

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